Some of our unique treatment options:

Fine Tuning for Adults: 

Mostly on the front teeth, correcting relapse or a smile that isn’t quite on point. Typically involving around 10 aligners and about 6 months.

– Starting at just $1650 per arch.

Intervention for Elementary Schoolers:

Helping kids to grow their teeth and stay on the developmental track with smiles in their peer group. Making room for adult tooth eruption and preparing for adult occlusion and smile.

– Typically around 12 months starting at just $1950

Standard Teen Treatment:

Get The SuperSmile: Often starting as early as 6th grade, working with the developing teeth to achieve stunning adult smiles and bites. Often completing treatment in less than 24 months. – Aligners or Braces. Starting at just $3750.

No Insurance? – No Problem!

Start your SuperSmile for as low as $200 down and $200 per month. Aligners or Braces.